Lighting up your Bristol home with Velux windows

Free estimatesVelux windows are positioned in such a way that they face the sky so let optimum light through, whatever the size of your room, meaning you will get a brighter, healthier loft space or extension. If you have a dark, unused space, it will be transformed into a light, spacious room, just by adding roof windows.

Our team of roofers are accredited fitters and fixers of Velux roof windows and have the skills and knowledge to add value and style to your Bristol home.

Velux roof windows giving you more

Velux roof windows are the ideal choice to brighten up your home and save you money on your energy bills. Reasons include:

  • Velux offer lengthy guarantees for their quality products
  • Ultra-insulated due to double glazing - saves on energy bills
  • Natural daylight - a healthier option to artificial products
  • Security with the toughened glass - helps to deter burglars
  • Simple cleaning with the unique swivel action panes

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